The Prince of Egypt + statues

Anonymous said: Is this your only blog?

nope, my main blog is my personal blog (but it just has my drawings and animation junk so)

Title: Space Plagues
Artist: Space Jam vs. Prince of Egypt
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Space Jam vs. The Prince of Egypt | Space Plagues


screencap redraw i made from one of the greatest animation movies ever created, the prince of egypt. 
i grew up with this move in my heart. i have loved getting back in touch with it!

my da


Prince of Egypt is a masterpiece. Here is some concept art by Paul Lasaine. Such a gem.

Title: Finale (updated)
Artist: Hans Zimmer
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I found a high-quality source for most of the finale’s music from a Prince of Egypt medley and substituted it for most of the finale music ripped from the movie, using Audacity. I replaced the audio file for my original post, but I’m also going to post it on its own here.

Sources: (x) (x)


This is for my good friend Hobbitstix! I hope you like it hon, I’m sorry it took so long! 

Prince of Egypt fanart of the lovely Ramses and Moses <3

The Art of Dreamworks Animation | Prince of Egypt
Unfortunately the book doesn’t name who created any of the artwork, if anyone could message me I will happily source correctly.