the textposts of egypt 

part 1/?

someone told me i should do this and i watched the movie the other day cause i’m pumped for the ridley scott version so yeah um k


the prince of egypt + colors abound


…of a mother, an adoptive mother, and a husband.


Prince of Egypt Master Study!

Original on the left, mine on the right


"Look, look at your people Moses. They are free.”

twigcrown said: Hey there! I love your blog, it's one of my favorites on tumblr! I noticed you tagged a Prince of Egypt post with "Disney" ?? I was a bit confused since Prince of Egypt is a Dreamworks film! Sorry to be pedantic when it really doesn't matter, I just had to say something :P

I’m  assuming you’re referring to this post, and the reason I tagged it as Disney was because the quote in the picture was from Pocahontas, a Disney movie! :)